What the new SalesforceIQ Inbox integration for Outlook really means

Tom WenglerDynamics CRM

Here at Cloud Nine, we like to stay up to date on things that are going on around the ‘CRM software universe’ (especially when it involves Microsoft Dynamics), so when we saw the recent news about integration between one of the Salesforce.com products and Microsoft Outlook, it naturally caught our attention. The article on TechCrunch goes as far as headlining the piece with the phrase “Salesforce-Microsoft Love Grows…”. 

So as a Dynamics CRM partner, you’d probably think this news would be disturbing to us, right? Wrong — we’re actually thrilled! Let’s take a look at what this announcement is really saying:

  1. Your Salesforce.com CRM software is going to cost EVEN MORE! Salesforce.com is significantly more expensive that the equivalent feature set available from the Dynamics CRM Professional license cost of $65/user/mo. Microsoft recently published a competitive analysis that showed the Salesforce.com equivalent to the $65 Dynamics CRM license at a cost of over $200! Well, now you can add another $25/user/mo to that cost to integrate with Outlook. Sounds like a great deal  :-/
  2. Integration with Outlook is CRITICAL! Let’s face it. Salesforce.com would not be working so hard to integrate with Outlook unless they know that the Dynamics CRM Outlook integration is hands-down, one of the strongest and most critical features available to Dynamics CRM users. In fact, the Dynamics CRM Outlook integration is so deep, you can actually use Dynamics CRM from inside Outlook. If you prefer the Outlook interface, you never even have to leave it!
  3. Microsoft is still the LEADER in business software. Because Microsoft owns so much of the business productivity space — Office 365, Power BI, Dynamics, Windows, etc. — they can focus on innovation and product development rather than integration with other platforms. In fact, Microsoft products are developed to be natively-integrated from their very core…meaning that Excel, Power BI, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and all of the applications that you use every day work seamlessly together and as extensions of the Dynamics line. Other providers such as Salesforce.com have to recoup the cost of writing integrations to Microsoft products, which is why they charge $25/user/mo for their customers to use it.


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