Tracking Projects after the Win

Tom WenglerDynamics CRM

Cloud Nine team is now adding in a new way to manage project results after the Win is Announced.

How does this work – what’s the value?

First, we can track the projections using your metrics (jobs, capital investment, etc.) over a 5 year period of time.

We can then sent alerts which auto assign tasks to the person on your team responsible for ongoing tracking of the Actual Results as compared to the Projections. We can trigger this 11.5 months from the anniversary date of the win, or a set number of days before the data is due.

You can also track this for Incentive Programs or Grants received. You define the metrics for the Program or Grant that you need to capture. We’ll collect and store the data in CRM for reporting purposes.

Pull data out for graphs, charts, and reports to clearly show IMPACT!

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