CRM Selection – For Now or From Now On?

Tom WenglerDynamics CRM

Small companies typically get started purchasing software apps for very specific short-term needs. The accountant or bookkeeper needs an accounting system. The services director needs a project management system. The marketing director needs an email system. The sales person needs a quoting tool. Over time, as the company grows, more personnel and more software apps are added. The result is a mish-mash of technology that does not work together and forces important company data to become trapped in all the different systems. The earlier a company breaks out of this cycle and chooses a platform, the sooner they will be able to make real headway in transforming their operations, their products, and the way they engage their customers. A platform will help position the company for sustainable, healthy growth.

Think about the scenario above where a company has the mish-mash of apps and trapped data. How many overlapping features are they paying for? How many gaps exist where data doesn’t sync across apps, making manual data entry a constant battle? How many different apps do users log in and out of every day? How much time is spent by employees trying to track down information? How easy is it for company leadership to get clear, concise reports? How easy is it to train new employees on business processes? How long will the current software systems last before they need to be replaced, and how easily will they be replaced?

You can choose a CRM platform that works “for now” or a CRM platform that works “from now on”. The latter will give you a platform that you can continue to refine, extend, and build increasing value for your company over time. It’s best to make a smart investment in the future of your company.

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