Cloud Nine CRM Classes Offered at University of Southern Mississippi

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The Cloud Nine team is honored to be engaged in helping to strengthen the education of Economic Development students at the University of Southern Mississippi. Through the Trent Lott National Center for Excellence in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship at Southern Miss, we are able to help equip future economic developers with practical skills in using technology to perform more efficiently in economic development. southern-miss-logoWe are currently teaching a series of seven courses as part of the Master of Science in Economic Development program. Dr. Chad Miller, Associate Professor of Economic Development, Tourism and Sports Management at Southern Miss, recognizes the value of incorporating powerful tools such as the Cloud Nine Economic Development Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM as part of the university’s curriculum.

The Southern Miss Department of Economic Development and Tourism provides assistance to economic developers across the state of Mississippi through four main approaches:

  1. Graduate students can work on class projects involving research for a community (e.g., retail pull factor analysis).
  2. Each student is required to do a thesis or capstone project. The capstone project involves completing an actual economic development research study (e.g., feasibility study).
  3. Each student is required to do an internship in an economic development organization.
  4. Communities can do sponsored research projects and tap into the faculty expertise and university data sources (e.g., EMSI and REMI).


Cloud Nine is proud to support the education and careers of future economic developers. Contact us to find out more about educational resources available for economic development programs or how we can assist in training current economic developers from any organization to use our groundbreaking CRM software to achieve more.