CRM Selection – For Now or From Now On?

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Small companies typically get started purchasing software apps for very specific short-term needs. The accountant or bookkeeper needs an accounting system. The services director needs a project management system. The marketing director needs an email system. The sales person needs a quoting tool. Over time, as the company grows, more personnel and more software apps are added. The result is … Read More

CRM Selection – Why choosing a CRM Partner is so important

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Unless you have a team of experienced CRM developers and implementation specialists on staff, you should always work with a CRM Partner. Attempting a do-it-yourself CRM software purchase online is one of the riskiest moves you can make (with a quick Google search, you will discover that most do-it-yourself CRM projects fail). Likewise, attempting to manage the enhancement and customization … Read More

Cloud Nine CRM to be Showcased at IEDC FED Forum 2016

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Cloud Nine is proud to be a Chairman’s Club Sponsor in support of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), and we will have members of our team on site at the upcoming FED Forum 2016 in Arlington, VA. We invite you stop by our display table to get a hands-on look at our groundbreaking Cloud Nine Economic Development CRM software.

Cloud Nine CRM Classes Offered at University of Southern Mississippi

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The Cloud Nine team is honored to be engaged in helping to strengthen the education of Economic Development students at the University of Southern Mississippi. Through the Trent Lott National Center for Excellence in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship at Southern Miss, we are able to help equip future economic developers with practical skills in using technology to perform more efficiently in … Read More

What the new SalesforceIQ Inbox integration for Outlook really means

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Here at Cloud Nine, we like to stay up to date on things that are going on around the ‘CRM software universe’ (especially when it involves Microsoft Dynamics), so when we saw the recent news about integration between one of the products and Microsoft Outlook, it naturally caught our attention. The article on TechCrunch goes as far as headlining the piece with the … Read More